Face and Skin Care

Pure Essence Facial Treatments

At Sessions we use Aveda’s pure plant flower essences to customize our guests individual needs for skin care, balance and rejuvenation.

Express Facial

1 Hour – $50

An excellent introduction to Aveda’s unique flower and plant based products and treatments. This is the perfect treatment for the individual on a tight schedule, or preparing for a special event. This treatment includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, hydrating and balancing the skin.

Essential Facial

1 Hour 30 Min – $75

This treatment is uniquely customized, and specifically based on each individuals needs. Starting with a sensory journey, our clients choose from our selected aromas. We consult with each client, to choose the appropriate products for home care, while also customizing this detoxifying, stress relieving treatment. (Extraction if necessary).

Radiance Facial

1 Hour 30 Min – $75

Experience radiant skin with our soothing new personalized facial, powered by the energy of toumaline. This non-invasive treatment balances your skin and your spirit, with formulas containing marine and plant extras. Powerful antioxidants infuse life into your skin, so it glows.

Floating Facial

1 Hour 30 Min – $100

Experience a facial while lying on the Hydrotherm System. Warm water cushions cradles your spine, eliminating stress, helping you reach new states of relaxation.

Pure Enhancement Facial Treatments

Pure Enhancement Treatments are designed for addressing specific skin conditions. These treatments can be performed alone, or added to Pure Essence Facial treatments.

Firmative Action Treatments

1 Hour 30 Min – $30 (Added to Pure Essence Facial Treatments – $15)

An effective treatment for combating signs of aging and environment damage that result in fine lines, puffiness and skin discolouration. This treatment combines vitamin C, pure plant botanicals, and an advanced blend of plant-derived exfoliants — all used with unique cooling techniques.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

1 Hour 30 Min – $30 (Added to Pure Essence Facial Treatments – $15)

Integrating a modern understanding of sensitive skin, this Pure Focus Treatment uses soothing pure plant essence and cooling techniques, that calm and strengthen the skin.

Brightening Skin Treatment

1 Hour – $30 (Added to Pure Essence Facial Treatments – $15)

Aveda’s advanced technology uses pure plant and flower essences to smooth, even and brighten skin. Ideal for pigmentation, sun damage, and acne scarring. Home care and maintenance is required for this treatment.

Eye Zone Treatment

1 Hour – $30 (Added to Pure Essence Facial Treatments – $15)

Soothes delicate eye area with cooling revitalizing techniques. Sessions’ Eye Zone’s purpose is to relieve tired stressed eyes, reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dryness.


Our personalized techniques are used to enhance your own natural beauty using Aveda’s pure plant and flower based colour cosmetics. Sessions’ makeup artists will consider your features and skin tones, to personalize your makeup application, with specific colours to enhance your natural beauty.

Sessions Makeup Application

45 Min – $30

Aveda Interactive Makeup Lesson

Added 45 Min – $30

Add 13 percent tax to all services.